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[Arab.,=one who surrenders (himself to God), an agent form of the verb of which Islam is a verbal noun], one who has embraced Islam, a follower of Muhammad. The form Moslem is also common in English; the term Mussulman is now rarely used.
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, Moslem
1. a follower of the religion of Islam
2. of or relating to Islam, its doctrines, culture, etc.
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Once upon a time in the ancient city of Jerusalem, three sons were born: one a Jew, one a Christian and one a Moslem.
The Jew was taken to a Moslem household, the Christian to a Jewish home and the Moslem for baptism in a Christian family.
Moors also prefer the Anglicized spelling of Muslim, proclaiming that they foster the Moslem religion, and refer to their formulation of Islam as Islamism, "a distinct doctrine divinely prepared by Prophet Noble Drew Ali for our earthly and divine salvation.