motion capture

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motion capture

(1) See gesture recognition.

(2) The entering of a movement pattern into the computer. For example, if a person, hooked up to sensors, goes through the act of batting a ball, that motion trail can be used to simulate a more realistic baseball player in the computer.

Capturing Live Motion in Real Time
The ULTRATRAK PRO system from Polhemus provides a series of wearable sensors that captures motion in six degrees of freedom (6DOF). The sensors connect via Ethernet, and the ULTRATRAK PRO software interfaces with 3D animation programs to provide real-time capture of the person's movements. (Image courtesy of Polhemus, Inc.)
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Renaissance'' utilizes high-contrast, digitized black and white images and motion-capture technology to create a futuristic French noir-style cartoon.
MotionScan is the groundbreaking 3D motion-capture system powering Rockstar Games' uniquely styled detective game 'L.
Andy Serkis shared that the motion-capture team equipped Mark Ruffalo with weights and inhibitors in order for the actor to have a sense that he has giant arms.
Serkis never expected to end up playing roles in a motion-capture suit.
com), the 3D online learning company, today announced a completely new and different guitar instruction program, using motion-capture and 3D animation technology.
So on the motion-capture stage, I just played the same scene many different ways.
Stoudemire, who led the NBA in dunks this past season, is the cover man for Sony's upcoming hoops game ``NBA 06,'' which is why he was wearing the suit for Tuesday's motion-capture session.
Mova(TM) Contour takes us from motion capture to reality capture," says Steve Perlman, founder and president of Mova, a San Francisco-based motion-capture studio that is introducing the new Contour Reality Capture System.
Ford Motor Company is the only automaker to use the same type of motion-capture software in its virtual engineering labs as Hollywood employs to create such motion pictures as "Avatar," "Lord of the Rings," "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and "Polar Express"
All this is doing here is hinting at the immediacy of it and the creativity of it,'' said Andre Bustanoby, visual effects supervisor for Digital Domain, at a recent seminar on motion-capture and related techniques at the American Film Institute.
Without the use of traditional motion-capture techniques, such as markers that restrict the performance of the actor and creative control of the director, Image Metrics has simplified a traditionally labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive process while enhancing the artistic skills that exist within that process.
In the news release, The Polar Express to be Released as Standard-Format and IMAX 3D Film November 19th in North America and Many International Territories, issued earlier today by IMAX Corporation over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that references to the type of film technology used for The Polar Express in the third line of the first paragraph should read as "proprietary motion-capture" rather than "CGI stop-motion" and the third line of the second paragraph should read "Using Imagemotion(TM), a proprietary motion-capture process developed by Sony Imageworks, the company creating the CG animation for the film" rather than "state-of-the-art CGI and stop-motion photography" as originally issued inadvertently.

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