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motor vehicle whose design is based on the bicycle. The German inventor Gottlieb Daimler is generally credited with building the first practical motorcycle in 1885. The motorcycle did not become dependable and popular, however, until after 1900.
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a single-place racing boat with an outboard internal-combustion engine. It has a triangular or rectangular shape in horizontal section and a flat bottom with a step, so that the hull planes when in motion. In calm water a scooter develops speeds of 80 km/hr or more.


1. a child's vehicle consisting of a low footboard on wheels, steered by handlebars. It is propelled by pushing one foot against the ground
3. (in the US and Canada) another term for ice yacht
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Motor scooters cost less to buy, license and maintain compared to cars.
Schwinn also donates 10 percent of the purchase price of the motor scooter to the Susan G.
A black motor scooter drove past her and a passenger got off and grabbed her purse.
With a turn of the key and a puff of blue smoke, the second annual May Day Scoot whirred to life on Friday evening as vintage motor scooter enthusiasts buzzed into Joe's Bar & Grill for a "meet 'n' greet" that kicked off the three-day gathering.
plans to begin marketing this fall a no-pollution, noise-free motor scooter powered by a rechargeable electric battery, Yamaha Motor officials said Wednesday.
Motor scooters are defined as mini-motorcycles under the Road Traffic Law.
He said even when parked inside the garage at home, it was advisable to secure easily-moved items like motor scooters to a permanent fixture.
Volunteers are on hand in towns and villages to make motor scooters available to seniors and people with disabilities.
We have quite a number of people that have motor scooters or wheelchairs.