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see motorboatingmotorboating,
sport of navigating a motor-powered vessel on the water. It is done on either fresh- or saltwater and may be competitive or recreational. The first successful motorboat traveled (1887) a few yards on the Seine River in Paris.
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; sailingsailing,
as a sport, the art of navigating a sailboat for recreational or competitive purposes. Racing Classes

There is no single "yacht type" of boat, rather many types that include sloops, yawls, catamarans, and ketches.
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a vessel powered by sail, motor, or both, with a displacement up to 3,000 tons, designed for racing or pleasure trips. Sailing yachts are the most common type.

The first mentions of sailing yachts used for racing date from the 17th century. Sailing yachts may be divided into vessels designed for extended voyages and races on the open sea and racing and pleasure yachts designed for use in coastal waters. Depending on the shape of the hull, yachts may be classified as keeled types, in which the bottom forms a fin keel (more precisely, a false keel) that improves the vessel’s stability and prevents it from drifting when under sail, and shallow-draft yachts with a sliding keel, or centerboard; some combination types have both a fin keel and a sliding keel. Twin-hulled yachts are called catamarans, and yachts with three hulls are called trimarans. Yachts may have one or more masts with various types of rigs.

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(naval architecture)
A sailing or power boat used for pleasure cruises or racing.


1. a vessel propelled by sail or power, used esp for pleasure cruising, racing, etc.
2. short for sand yacht, ice yacht
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