Mott Foundation

Mott Foundation,

philanthropic trust created (1926) by automobile executive Charles Stewart Mott (1875–1973) to support programs dealing with selected urban problems. The foundation originally concentrated most of its activities in its home, Flint, Mich., where it continues to fund community-centered activities to promote education, health, and understanding in a time of great economic and social change. In addition to its Flint programs, the foundation funds programs to fight poverty and its effects, environmental conservation programs, and programs that encourage "free and pluralistic democratic societies," especially in the United States, the nations of the former USSR, and South Africa. In 1998 its endowment exceeded $2.3 billion.
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Through 100K Ideas -- a nonprofit organization started by the founders of the Ferris Wheel initiative and supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation -- innovators with a product, software, service or social venture can receive help with idea validation, concept ideation, product development, prototyping, capitalization, market development, operations management and business formation.
Also, to combat chronic absenteeism--defined as missing two days of school each month, or 18 days total over the school year--the Department, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, and the Ad Council have partnered to create the "Absences Add Up" public service campaign.
Sponsored by statewide afterschool summits in partnerships with state municipal leagues with assistance from the YEF Institute and support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and The Wallace Foundation, these summits will be held in Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington.
With support from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and Jobs for the Future (JFF) formed the Greenforce Initiative.
The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation earlier this spring granted Uptown Reinvestment $310,000 to help it buy the parcels as part of the city of Flint s overall strategy to improve the South Saginaw Street corridor between Atherton and Hemphill roads.
Mott Foundation has given the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW), a Eugene non-profit organization, a $280,000 grant to support and train grassroots lawyers working to support international investment strategies that promote sustainable development and reduce environmental degradation.
The program is funded by the Ruth Mott Foundation and gives students the chance to eat healthy, local food at lunch and participate in farmers markets.
Mott Foundation President Bill White seized the opportunity and offered to become the Department's partner by using its philanthropic support to fund the roll out and implementation of an expansion, based on the success of the demonstration project.
Department of Education and the National Institutes of Health, and private organizations including the Carnegie Corporation, the Hewlett Foundation and the Mott Foundation.
I also had a central role in writing the other report, A New Day for Learning, produced by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Task Force on Time, Learning, and After School.
MacArthur Foundation, the Charles Stew art Mott Foundation, the PepsiCo Foundation, the UPS Foundation, Wal-Mart Foundation, and the Walton Family Foundation, Inc.