Agri Dagi

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Ağri Daği

(ärŭ` dä-ŭ`): see AraratArarat
, Turkish Ağri Daği, name of two mountains, Little Ararat (12,877 ft/3,925 m) and Great Ararat (16,945 ft/5,165 m), E Turkey, near the Iranian and Armenian borders. The tradition that Mt.
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An incident that greatly stimulated adventurers to pursue the search for the Biblical Noah's ark was the strong earthquake that rocked and shook Mount Ararat on June 20, 1840.
The commission's task, which began at the mouth of the Shatt-al-Arab and was to end at Mount Ararat on the border with Russia, was, according to Ernest, 'colossal'.
In 2010, a group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers from Noah's Ark Ministries International believe a relic uncovered 12,000ft up Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey is the biblical vessel.
Derick also found his brother's van, which had been impounded by police in the city of Dogubayazit, a Kurdish town on the border with Iran at the foot of Mount Ararat.
He had made many trips to 16,854ft Mount Ararat and combined his ark hunting with missionary work in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Israel.
The ark landed, so the text informs us, on Mount Ararat, when dry land reappeared.
Settled along the Hrazdan River and with picturesque Mount Ararat situated in the background, Yerevan is the capital and largest city in Armenia.
Americans United, the Texas branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Houston AU chapter and some local activists announced that we would put on a more inclusive and welcoming event at Mount Ararat Baptist Church.
BOSTON - There were no cell phones, minicams or even tape recorders back then, so there's no way of knowing whether or not Noah, after he found a parking spot for his ark atop Mount Ararat, panicked every time it started to rain.
Mount Ararat is a snowcapped volcanic cone, located in extreme northeast Turkey.
In 1915, on the west side of Mount Ararat, the Ottoman Turkish government eradicated an ancient homeland.
Situated in the Ararat Valley, the city is picturesque with Mount Ararat providing a stunning backdrop.

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