Agri Dagi

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Ağri Daği

(ärŭ` dä-ŭ`): see AraratArarat
, Turkish Ağri Daği, name of two mountains, Little Ararat (12,877 ft/3,925 m) and Great Ararat (16,945 ft/5,165 m), E Turkey, near the Iranian and Armenian borders. The tradition that Mt.
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Known as Agri Dagh or "Painful Mountain," Mount Ararat is located in one of the most volatile geopolitical regions in the world.
In 2010, a group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers from Noah's Ark Ministries International believe a relic uncovered 12,000ft up Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey is the biblical vessel.
Derick also found his brother's van, which had been impounded by police in the city of Dogubayazit, a Kurdish town on the border with Iran at the foot of Mount Ararat.
He had made many trips to 16,854ft Mount Ararat and combined his ark hunting with missionary work in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Israel.
It's just that on balance, I enjoyed being with the folks at Mount Ararat Baptist Church and the protestors outside because they represent the true breadth of American thought.
Situated in the Ararat Valley, the city is picturesque with Mount Ararat providing a stunning backdrop.
Summary: BEIRUT: A team of amateur climbers has reached the summit of Mount Ararat, becoming the first Lebanese group to scale the controversial peak.
Washington, August 3 (ANI): The photographic and physical evidence of a large object encrusted in Mount Ararat in Anatolia, is giving supporters of the Noah's Ark, which is believed to have saved people from the great flood in ancient times, new hope for the authenticity of the biblical event.
We are going through the worst recession since Noah's liquid assets drained away and left him high and dry on Mount Ararat.
Irwin's trip to the moon swelled his belief in God, with the result that back on earth he led several intrepid but unsuccessful expeditions to uncover Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat, recounted on the second screen.
Flying over Mount Ararat in Turkey he was struck by the idea: Why not go to Jerusalem and speak directly to the Israelis at home?
The trio - Helmut Johann, Martin Georpe and Lars Holper Reime - were seized by separatist rebels from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) on July 8 during a climbing expedition to Mount Ararat in Agri province.

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