Mount Egmont

Egmont, Mount

(ĕ`mŏnt), or


(târ'ənä`kē), dormant volcano, 8,260 ft (2,517 m) high, on North Island, New Zealand. Conical and snowcapped, it dominates the island's west side.
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We went to the visitors' centre on Mount Egmont, a dormant volcano, which, at the moment, is covered in snow and 8,000ft high.
I came in over Mount Egmont and was escorted at night by a convoy of French troops across the airport, which was closed, into Sarajevo in the snow.
Back in my country they have changed the name of Mount Egmont to the Maori name of Mount Taranaki,''he said.
Local police said he had visited New Zealand many times and that he had first climbed the mountain, also known as Mount Egmont, on North Island, aged 75.