Mount Elgon

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Elgon, Mount

(ĕl`gŏn), extinct volcano, central Africa, on the Kenya-Uganda border. Its highest peak is Wagagai (14,178 ft/4,321 m). The inhabitants of Mt. Elgon's densely populated lower slopes cultivate arabica coffee, tea, bananas, and millet.
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Tiampati, 2015) and the Ogiek of Mount Elgon and the Mau forest complex (Kimaiyo, 2004) in recent years.
Places associated with the Kuliak, whether Nyangea, Ik or Sor, are identifiable by their Nilotic names: the Tepes Hills in Ethiopia, the Dopes River running south along the length of Karamoja, Endebess in Kenya, and caves on Mount Elgon, where Weatherby does record Sor fleeing famine in the 1830s (p.
2008, Militarisation of resource conflicts: The case of land-based conflict in the Mount Elgon region of Western Kenya, ISS Monograph No.
As many as 400,000 people live in the area surrounding Mount Elgon, a region the Ugandan government is at risk of more landlsides following forecasts of further downpours.
Cutaneous leishmaniasis and Phlebotomus longipes on Mount Elgon.
An extinct volcano straddling the Uganda-Kenya border, Mount Elgon is riddled with caves such as this one.
As reported earlier in the Gazette, four dads and two lads went the extra mile to help orphaned children in Kenya by helping to build the foundations of a school in Mount Elgon.
The landslide engulfed a village in the eastern Bududa district near Mount Elgon after seven hours of heavy rain.
Mount Elgon, Uganda, offers one of the more well-documented examples of an offset project that went awry for a local community.
But human rights campaigners and local residents said that the unit took part in an operation against the SLDF ethnic guerrilla militia at Mount Elgon, on the other side of the country, allegedly resulting in rape, beatings and dozens of disappearances.