Mount Elgon

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Elgon, Mount

(ĕl`gŏn), extinct volcano, central Africa, on the Kenya-Uganda border. Its highest peak is Wagagai (14,178 ft/4,321 m). The inhabitants of Mt. Elgon's densely populated lower slopes cultivate arabica coffee, tea, bananas, and millet.
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2008, Militarisation of resource conflicts: The case of land-based conflict in the Mount Elgon region of Western Kenya, ISS Monograph No.
He said: "The Mount Elgon area has had so many places with cracks, so each time there is rainfall for a while, this water just seeps into these cracks and then eventually the landslide happens.
Professor Tim Wess arrived at Mount Elgon shortly after three Ugandan villages were swept away by landslides
The landslide engulfed a village in the eastern Bududa district near Mount Elgon after seven hours of heavy rain.
Mount Elgon, Uganda, offers one of the more well-documented examples of an offset project that went awry for a local community.
But human rights campaigners and local residents said that the unit took part in an operation against the SLDF ethnic guerrilla militia at Mount Elgon, on the other side of the country, allegedly resulting in rape, beatings and dozens of disappearances.
Then the young explorers will be heading off for a wild nine-day adventure including a safari, white water rafting, jungle trekking and scaling Mount Elgon.
To mark their epic journey, we're giving five lucky readers the chance to win a signed copy of the Long Way Down Book and DVD, plus a pack of Cafedirect Mount Elgon gourmet coffee beans.
Mount Elgon is a lively medium-strength gourmet coffee with a sweet citrus flavour and well-rounded taste, making it perfect for your breakfast or mid-morning caffeine fix.
She works near Kapchorwa in eastern Uganda, where some 4,700 farmers grow certified organic coffee on the slopes of Mount Elgon.
Jon was inspired to help the Christian community living in the foothills of Mount Elgon by the work of his father, Ian Knox.