Mount Holyoke College

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Mount Holyoke College

(hōl`yōk), at South Hadley, Mass.; for women; chartered 1836, opened 1837 as Mount Holyoke Female Seminary under Mary LyonLyon, Mary
, 1797–1849, American educator, founder of Mt. Holyoke College, b. Buckland, Mass. She attended three academies in Massachusetts; later she taught at Ashfield, Mass., Londonderry, N.H., and Ipswich, Mass.
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, rechartered as Mount Holyoke College 1893. There is a noteworthy art museum on campus. Mount Holyoke participates in an educational consortium with Amherst, Smith, and Hampshire colleges and the Univ. of Massachusetts.


See A. C. Cole, A Hundred Years of Mount Holyoke College (1940).

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The poet never joined a church nor yielded to pressures for conversion at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary or in Amherst's First Church, and VanZanten's background commentary on Dickinson's biography acknowledges the unorthodoxy of her spiritual history.
The "Miss L" to whom the student referred was Mary Lyon, the eventual founder and principal of Mount Holyoke Female Seminary.
88) Most import among them, Mary Lyon's Female Education: Tendencies of the Principles Embraced and the System Adopted in the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (1839) specified that "Physical Culture" at the school "presuppose[d] a good deal of health, and correct habits" insofar as "[t]he time is all regularly and systematically divided" and "the hour for exercise in the domestic department can be secured without interruption" along with "twenty minutes for calisthenics.
Anderson found an ally in Mary Lyon, who in 1837 had opened Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in South Hadley, Massachusetts.
8] Missionary wives who had been educated according to the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary model were expected to play a crucial role as teachers and models for future wives of Indian pastors and catechists.

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