Hood, Mount

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Hood, Mount,

peak, 11,235 ft (3,424 m) high, NW Oreg., in the Cascade Range, E of Portland; highest point in the state and the center of Mt. Hood National Forest. A symmetrical, dormant volcano with glaciers and forested lower slopes, it is a favorite mountain-climbing and skiing center. Timberline Lodge, a ski resort on the slopes, is one of the finest examples of WPA mountain architecture.
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This point is said to present one of the most beautiful scenes on the Columbia; a lovely meadow, with a silver sheet of limpid water in the center, enlivened by wild-fowl, a range of hills crowned by forests, while the prospect is closed by Mount Hood, a magnificent mountain rising into a lofty peak, and covered with snow; the ultimate landmark of the first explorers of the river.
Mount Hood is about 50 miles east of Portland and is Oregon's tallest peak.
27 Nature that the magma was hot and liquid for at most 12 percent of the time it spent under Mount Hood and probably for less than 1 percent.
Mount Hood was formed by a subduction zone - a situation when a continental plate hits the second one below.
A big glob kind of plops out the top, but in the case of Mount Hood -- it doesn't blow the mountain to pieces.
The destination's key attraction is that skiing or snowboarding can be pursued year-round on nearby Mount Hood.
We also are looking ahead to doing more complicated treatments at the Mount Hood facility with Agility - so SBRT and SRT cases that we had been sending to our downtown facility will be performed at Mount Hood, which is much more convenient for patients.
The spacious and impressive apartments at Resort at the Mountain offers the perfect base for any of these, although perhaps the must-see destination on a visit to Mount Hood is Timberline Lodge.
An example of how a mountain's elevation may be initially overestimated then scaled down to its true height is contained in the history of Mount Hood (11, 249 ft.
A special Climb For Kids' Sake flag was unfurled when the team reached the summit of Mount Hood.
Mount Hood The Deep Blue Zone: Story of the 2006 Climbing Tragedy is a reconstruction of what possibly happened to three climbers who became lost on Oregon's Mount Hood in 2006.
The bittering hops are Magnums and it is finished with Mount Hood and Cascade.