Mount Pelée

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Pelée, Mount


(Montagne Pelee), an active volcano on Martinique, in the West Indies. Elevation, 1,397 m. Mount Pelee is known for its catastrophic eruption in 1902, when a heavy hot cloud of ash and volcanic bombs and blocks destroyed the city of St. Pierre and its 26,000 inhabitants. The eruption led to the classification of such volcanoes as Pelean. Mount Pelée was less strongly active in 1929–32.

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The deadliest eruption of the 20th Century was Mount Pelee in Martinique, in 1902 when the death toll reached 33,000 and the city of St Pierre was destroyed.
did Mount Pelee erupt in 1902, destroying the city of Saint-Pierre?
1902: Mount Pelee erupted on the island of Martinique, destroying the town of St Pierre and killing more than 30,000 people.
When de Clieu arrived here in 1720, it was in the mountains south of Mount Pelee where he planted the first tree and from which he started taking cuttings and seeds to expand production.
scientists investigating an eruption of Mount Pelee on the Caribbean island of Martinique.
Her protagonists face the varied traumas of the Caribbean twentieth century--from the eruption of Mount Pelee to the boredom of bourgeois living--and must learn to overcome.
1902: Mount Pelee erupted on the island of Martinique: a pyroclastic flow travelling at several hundred miles an hour destroyed the town of St Pierre and killed more than 30,000 people in just three minutes.
Where is Mount Pelee, where a volcanic eruption occurred on May 8, 1902?
A riveting read from first page to last, "Last Moon Summary" is a novel set against the 1902 eruption of Mount Pelee on the West Indies island of Martinique that resulted in the death of some thirty thousand people and the seaport town of St.
Pierre were evacuated--this despite the continual eruption of the volcano Mount Pelee for nearly a year beginning in August 1900.