Mount Rainier

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Rainier, Mount:

see Mount Rainier National ParkMount Rainier National Park
, 235,625 acres (95,395 hectares), SW Wash., in the Cascade Range; est. 1899. The area is dominated by Mt. Rainier, a volcanic peak 14,410 ft (4,392 m) high.
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Rainier, Mount


a dormant volcano in the USA, the highest peak of the Cascade Mountains. It rises to an elevation of 4,392 m. There are coniferous forests, including fir and pine forests, at the foot and lower slopes of the volcano. At elevations of 2,600–2,800 m there are alpine meadows, and at even higher elevations there is an area of perennial snows and glaciers (total glacial area, 140 sq km). Mount Rainier last erupted in 1882.

Mount Rainier

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IN ALL, MOUNT RAINER NATIONAL PARK covers 368 square miles, 97 percent of which has been designated wilderness.
From many of the city's higher elevations there are spectacular views of Lake Washington, Mount Rainer, the Olympic Mountains, the Cascade Mountain range and the Seattle skyline.
Mountain Name J Location Height (in feet) Archdeacons Tower Alaska 19,537 Churchill Peaks Alaska 20,161 Mount Bear Alaska 14,793 Mount Bona Alaska 16,358 Mount Elbert Colorado 14,426 Mount McKinley Alaska 20,320 Mount Rainer Washington State 14,416 Mount Whitney California 14,505 Mount Williamson California 14,389 South Peak Alaska 20,161 Mountain Name Height (in meters) Archdeacons Tower 5,955 Churchill Peaks 6,145 Mount Bear 4,509 Mount Bona 4,986 Mount Elbert 4,397 Mount McKinley 6,194 Mount Rainer 4,394 Mount Whitney 4,442 Mount Williamson 4,394 South Peak 6,145 SOURCE: http://www.
Your view of Mount Rainer and the Olympic Mountains make the trip - whether from Seattle or Senegal - worth your while.
The last remaining MD-80 flew for the last time in a symbolic flight around Washington State's Mount Rainer and was joined by a Boeing 737 in special livery.
THE photo that opens the December story about Reserve CH-47s that do rescues on Mount Rainer was awesome.
Zoo contemplates the event known in the press as "The Enumclaw Horse Sex Incident" largely from the point of view of a cluster of zoophiles who regularly met at a horse farm outside Enumclaw, a rural town in the foothills of Washington's Mount Rainer, for the purpose of having sex with the occupants of its stable.
The challenge, which Jake dreamed up three years ago, began on July 8 at Mount Rainer, Washington, and the Army scholar went on to conquer the highest peaks in the other 47 lower US states.
The first peak is Mount Rainer in Washington State which, at 14,410ft, is the third highest of the 48.
A $200,000 loan for a two-story, mixed-use building in Mount Rainer, Md.
The case centered on a 13-year-old boy living in Mount Rainer, Md.