Mountain Brook

Mountain Brook,

city (1990 pop. 19,810), Jefferson co., N central Ala.; inc. 1942. It is a residential suburb of Birmingham.
References in classic literature ?
They were sombre blues, opaque like a delicately carved bowl in lapis lazuli, and yet with a quivering lustre that suggested the palpitation of mysterious life; there were purples, horrible like raw and putrid flesh, and yet with a glowing, sensual passion that called up vague memories of the Roman Empire of Heliogabalus; there were reds, shrill like the berries of holly -- one thought of Christmas in England, and the snow, the good cheer, and the pleasure of children -- and yet by some magic softened till they had the swooning tenderness of a dove's breast; there were deep yellows that died with an unnatural passion into a green as fragrant as the spring and as pure as the sparkling water of a mountain brook.
Next, I sent an engineer and forty men to a point just beyond our lines on the south, to turn a mountain brook that was there, and bring it within our lines and under our command, arranging it in such a way that I could make instant use of it in an emergency.
There was a sudden rush and roar, and in a minute the mountain brook was raging through the big ditch and creating a river a hundred feet wide and twenty- five deep.
Before we halted to eat or rest, we stood beside a little mountain brook beneath the wondrous trees of the primeval forest in an atmosphere of warmth and com-fort.
Located in the affluent Mountain Brook suburb of Birmingham, Ala.
The new 67,000-square foot project is part of the Mountain Brook Village master plan being completed by Evson, Inc.
Hamati, Jonesborough, TN * Beverly Handy, Houston, TX * Jeff Harbison, Wyndmoor, PA * Steven Harder, Mountain Lake, MN * Jeffrey Hawkins, Mountain Brook, AL * Glynis Healey, Cambridge, MA * Brian Hoard, Charlottesville, VA * Tanie Hotan, Salem, OR * John Howick, Knoxville, TN * Debbie Jacobson, Newton, MA * Richard G.
To strengthen defenses, districts should frequently update and enforce data-access policies, says Donna Williamson, technology director at Mountain Brook Schools in Alabama.
Mountain Brook Lane, East Wenatchee, valued at $280,439.
Conroy resides in Mountain Brook, AL, with his wife and two children.
Olexa's of Mountain Brook, Alabama, created both cakes.
for antiques shopping, especially in the affluent suburb of Mountain Brook.