Mourning Dove

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Mourning Dove (b. Humishima or Christine Quintasket)

(1888–1936) Okanogan/Colville writer, activist; born in Bonner's Ferry, Ida. A migrant worker in Washington most of her adult life, she wrote one of the few early novels by a Native American woman, Cogewea, the Half-Blood (1927), as well as Coyote Stories (1933). She also cofounded the Colville Indian Council (1930) and in 1935 became the first woman elected to the Colville Tribal Council.
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The mourning dove is a medium-size bird with a delicate black bill, long pointed white tipped tail, and rather soft, grayish-brown and buff coloration.
Despite the fact that Mourning dove is a species subjected to a high consumptive use, there are only a few publications about its management, ecology and particularly feeding habits.
These included 101 mourning dove nests (1024 exposure days), 54 yellow-billed cuckoo nests (575 exposure days), 56 brown thrasher nests (666 exposure days), and 57 northern mockingbird nests (731 exposure days).
The objectives of this study were to determine: (1) if using point transects in distance sampling are effective for simultaneously estimating white-winged and mourning dove densities in native brush of the LRGV during the post-breeding/pre-hunting season; and (2) if morning and evening distance sampling yielded the same density estimates for either white-winged or mourning doves or both.
Francis said the low vocal frequencies of mourning doves and black-headed grosbeaks appear to overlap with most human-caused noises, which may inhibit vocal communication required for repelling rivals, pairing and nesting.
While the eared variety is a close relative of the mourning dove of North America, it flies to the beat of a different drummer in some ways.
In this poem, the bird, in particular the mourning dove, serves as a trope for the poet or the poet's voice.
I found an injured baby sparrow on the ground next to its hatchling cover one morning and got dumb lucky keeping him alive," he says Friday, preparing to force feed a baby mourning dove with a syringe full of mushed-up food.
9 million sale of a residence at 642 Mourning Dove Drive.
It also includes game birds such as mourning dove, the band-tailed pigeon, woodcocks, common snipes, quail, chuka, pheasant, grouse, ptarmigan, prairie chicken, and wild turkey.
Likewise, Mourning Dove is interestingly juxtaposed with Nella Larsen through their common interest in the mulatto figure.
Duty and History" transforms the sound of a father polishing his Sunday shoes into "the flutter of a dove," and not just any dove: "The proper name is Mourning Dove.