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(World-Wide Web)
A complete free, open-source web browser from the Mozilla Foundation and therefore a true code descendent of Netscape Navigator. The first non-beta release was in late 2004.

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A popular open source Web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux from the Mozilla project. Including a search box for Google and other major sites, the Firefox user interface is customizable by adding "extensions," such as a stock tracker, autofill and hundreds of others.

Quite an Impact
Introduced in 2004, Firefox caused much notoriety, and by mid-2005 captured more than 10% of the browser market. Reaching 25% by 2010, it has since declined due to the popularity of the Chrome browser. Many viewed Firefox as a more secure alternative to Internet Explorer (IE), which has always been under attack. Pundits argue whether Firefox is safer because of better design or simply that hackers have no quarrel with open source software.

A Ghost from the Past

Firefox stemmed from the Netscape browser, which was a casualty of the browser wars in the late 1990s. After Netscape evolved into a very large and somewhat bloated application, it was turned into the open source Mozilla project.

In the early 2000s, the Gecko rendering engine was excised out of Mozilla and combined with the XUL user interface language to create a leaner, faster Mozilla browser. Renamed Phoenix, then Firebird, it finally gave birth as Firefox. For more information, visit See Firefox OS, Netscape, Mozilla, XUL and Greasemonkey.

Firefox on the Mac
An innovative browser, Firefox was one of the first to organize viewing history and provide tabs.
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Cross browser(Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera are supported)
Virtual Firefox browser a top 10 app in paid Business apps is the only app to run the real Mozilla Firefox browser with "desktop class" features like Java, Flash, Firefox Add-Ons, Extension and much more.
The new release offers the following new features: improvements in the administration of User Profiles, performance and all-around usability; expansion of browser-based support to include the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE9), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome; improvement in view-rendering performance; new features in the Training and Qualification module; and new Data Maintenance components.
A sample screen provided by Microsoft showed rival browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome given the same amount of onscreen Aaereal estateAAE as Internet Explorer, whereby users may click the browser icon of their choice to download it
LowBrowse runs with the Mozilla Firefox browser and works with Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems.
The company said Soapbox will support a number of video file formats and delivery methods and be available for browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Apple Computer's Safari.
But first you try altering the text size and, bizarrely, only the site's email address grows in size--but only when using the browser Mozilla Firefox.
SEATTLE -- (NASDAQ:AMZN) - Today, Amazon announced that Kindle Cloud Reader, the HTML5-based web app that lets customers read their Kindle books in their web browser, is now available for Mozilla Firefox so the hundreds of millions of Firefox users can start reading their Kindle books instantly, simply by opening their web browser.
Today, hundreds of millions of people worldwide use Mozilla Firefox to discover, experience and connect to the Web on computers, tablets and mobile phones.
In addition, the PCs offer pre-installed Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Flash.
Fans of the Mozilla Firefox browser, who happen to own an Android phone can rejoice as the browser is now available on the OS.
41% respectively, followed by Mozilla Firefox at 12.