a city (since 1795) in the Gomel’ Oblast, Byelorussian SSR; located mostly on the right, high bank of the Pripiat’ River. Population, 58,000 (1973). The city has a river port at Pkhov and a railroad station on the Kalinkovichi-Korosten’ line. Mozyr’ is an important center for the woodworking industry (there is a woodworking combine) and for timber floating. Irrigation and drainage machinery and cables are produced in Mozyr’. Truck-repair and foundry and machinery plants and factories producing knitwear, clothing, and art items are there. Food-processing enterprises are also in the city. An oil refinery is under construction (1974). Mozyr’ has a pedagogical institute, a secondary specialized polytechnic, and medical and music schools. A museum of local lore is also there. The Druzhba oil pipeline passes through the region.

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Sports facilities will open their doors in Mozyr and Orsha (Belarus) in 2015 under the Gazprom for Children program.
They were cruising 5-0 up to Slaviya Mozyr in their last game but won 5-3.
Supplies will flow via the northern Belarussian pipeline of Mozyr and the eastern Sudzha route, he added.
Mozyr (a) 1-1* Valencia (h) 5-1 FC Minsk (a) 1-1 Nuremberg (a) 2-4* Valencia (h) 2-0 E.
On June 29, Bulgarian poet, translator and freelance journalist Dimitar Kenarov and his American colleague Jason Motlagh were arrested in the Belorussian city of Mozyr, where they had been planning to interview a plant director.
Rosneft denied that it is in negotiations with Belarus to acquire the Mozyr refinery and Grodno Azot.
MOSCOW: Russia will cut its crude Urals deliveries to Belarus' Mozyr refinery in April and May while it undergoes maintenance, trading and industry sources told Reuters.
Greenfield plans to build the first biofuels distillery next year at Mozyr, close to one of the most contaminated areas.
This, coupled with the news that its Mozyr refinery in Belarus was again producing at full capacity with a view to expanding output in the fourth quarter, meant that shares finished 25.
Michael Church in Mozyr and drew satanic graffiti on the exterior walls.
Its main refinery, Mozyr, is in Belarus and has a capacity of 320,000 b/d.