Mount Elgon

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Elgon, Mount

(ĕl`gŏn), extinct volcano, central Africa, on the Kenya-Uganda border. Its highest peak is Wagagai (14,178 ft/4,321 m). The inhabitants of Mt. Elgon's densely populated lower slopes cultivate arabica coffee, tea, bananas, and millet.
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Currently, more than 100,000 people (12,500 households) are at a risk of landslides in the Mt Elgon and Rwenzori sub-regions, and up to 20,000 of them are likely to be displaced between November 2015 and February 2016.
Elgon area in search of collective identities through cultural clusterism, organized through a peace and cultural animation festival held in November 2012 in Kapchorwa on the slopes of Mt Elgon.
The son of a small farmer, Mr Wambette has lived and grown coffee all his life in the foothills of Mt Elgon in eastern Uganda, where his 88-year-old father had three small coffee gardens.
Earlier, the industry had supported an amendment by Mt Elgon MP Wilfred Kapondi.
elgonensis Ngoka, Madel & Mutinga are found in Mt Elgon caves in Bugoma county, western Kenya (33).
A compost-processing plant in Mbale, in the Mt Elgon region in Uganda, is helping to boost declining crop yields.
A key event on the programme was a climb on Remembrance Sunday to Bududa on the slopes of Mt Elgon in eastern Uganda, where more than 100 villagers were killed in a landslide in March this year.
Table 2: Net Tissue Mineral Density among 25 Cereal Accessions Nested within sites Sites K Fe a) Bungoma sites within Mt Elgon Region tC2-Fingermillet Chwele 8,743.
In a statement issued in London, the MoD said: "We are deeply concerned by the allegations of human rights abuses carried out by Kenyan security forces in Mt Elgon, and specifically the allegations against 20 Para.
The Chief Officer has further said that the project will facilitate water supplies for over 30,000 residents in Mt Elgon and Sirisia sub-counties.
Spearheading the Tobacco to Bamboo project pioneering the construction of cheap bamboo houses in the Mau and Kakamega areas of Western Kenya, Kibwange says that by developing the homes "we could change the lives of many people and with about 15,000ha of mature bamboo ready to be used, particularly in the Aberdares, Mau ranges, Mt Kenya and Mt Elgon, we have a viable and inexpensive housing material in Kenya".
The sporadic cases that occurred in districts such as Migori, Kakamega, Mt Elgon and Mumias/Butere are believed to be epidemiological 'accidents' without much impact on the spread of the disease.