Mount Kosciusko

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Kosciusko, Mount,

Australia: see Kosciuszko, MountKosciuszko, Mount
, 7,310 ft (2,228 m) high, SE New South Wales, Australia, in the Australian Alps; highest peak on the continent of Australia. Located in Kosciuszko National Park, the peak is a popular hiking destination in the summer. It was originally called Mt.
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Kosciusko, Mount


a mountain in the Australian Alps, and the highest point in Australia (2,230 m). It is composed of crystalline rock with granite intrusions and has retained its glacial topography. Above 1,200 m there is snow for about five months of the year. The slopes are covered with eucalyptus forests and sparse woods, and shrub thickets grow above 1,200 m. Above 1,800 m are mountain meadows. The mountain, named in honor of T. Kosciusko, was designated a national park in 1944.

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The topography of the region is diverse ranging from the eastern highlands of the Great Dividing Range, including the Illawarra Escarpment in the north, and Mt Kosciusko and the snow fields in the south west, and a beautiful coastline that includes many areas covered in rainforest.
Today, it survives in only a few, high altitude `temperature islands' scattered across the eastern highlands, including Victoria's Mt Bogong and Mt Buffalo, and Mt Kosciusko in New South Wales.