Mount Erebus

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Erebus, Mount,

volcanic peak, 12,280 ft (3,743 m) high, on Ross Island, in the Ross Sea, E Antarctica. One of the loftiest volcanoes of the world, it was discovered in 1841 by the British explorer James C. RossRoss, Sir James Clark,
1800–1862, British polar explorer and rear admiral. In 1818 he accompanied his uncle, Sir John Ross, in search of the Northwest Passage and commanded the Erebus.
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 and named for one of his two ships. It was climbed in 1908 by a party under a British geologist, T. W. E. DavidDavid, T. W. E.
(Sir Tannatt William Edgeworth), 1858–1935, Australian geologist and explorer, b. near Cardiff, Wales. David came to Australia in 1882 as an assistant geological surveyor. In 1891 he was appointed professor of geology and physical geography at the Univ.
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. It was last active in 1991 and is one of only three active volcanoes in Antarctica.
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Conger's archive of historical ephemera and artifacts dealing with Antarctic exploration includes relics he and Pulley retrieved from the Mt.
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