Mount Pinatubo

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Pinatubo, Mount

(pĭn'əto͞o`bō), active volcano, 5,840 ft (1,780 m), central Luzon island, the Philippines, c.55 mi (90 km) NW of Manila. Dormant for 600 years, it began erupting on Apr. 2, 1991. Most residents had evacuated surrounding areas when Pinatubo erupted catastrophically (June 15, 1991), killing over 500 people and burying over 310 sq mi (800 sq km) under volcanic ash. As much as 2 cu mi (8 cu km) of ash was ejected in the eruption. The nearby U.S. Clark Air Force Base was devastated by the ash fall, which resulted in the base's closure. Landslides of rain-soaked volcanic ash caused further destruction in 1991 and subsequent years.
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The desperation of the region's situation is apparent at the foot of Mt.
Sketchy reports showed the two men left Angeles City on Wednesday on hired dirt bikes to go on a trek to Mt.
I'm all right,'' a pale-looking Whitman told reporters as he limped out of a military helicopter that ferried him from Mt.
Also, the emissions are unaffected by the haze layer produced by the eruption of Mt.
Already mine waste is pouring from the collapsed spillways into Mapanuepe Lake, which was formed when the 1991 eruption of Mt.
Last October's record-breaking 70 percent drop in ozone probably resulted in part from the dose of sulfur dioxide that Mt.
Net earnings from the Dizon mine declined by 57 percent to P141,900,000 (US$5,300,000) in 1991, including provisions for insurance recovery from business interruption and property damage claims brought about by the eruption of Mt.
At least 700 people were crushed or buried in the fury unleashed by Mt.
serviceman taking part in joint military exercises with Philippine troops has been reported missing on Mt.
Helens blast in scale but has released far less climate-altering sulfur dioxide than the 1991 explosion of Mt.
Net earnings from the Dizon mine for the third quarter declined by 69 percent to P30,600,000 (US$1,137,000) from earnings of P98,500,000 for the same quarter in 1990 after provision for insurance recovery from business interruption and for property damage, brought about by the continuing effect of the eruption of Mt.
Mercado is specially worried about the effects of the massive rains in the province of Pampanga due to possible lava and mud flows from the slopes of Mt.