Mount Whitney

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Whitney, Mount,

peak, 14,494 ft (4,418 m) high, E Calif., in the Sierra Nevada at the eastern border of Sequoia National Park; the highest peak in the contiguous 48 states (DenaliDenali,
formerly Mount McKinley,
peak, 20,310 ft (6,190 m) high, S central Alaska, in the Alaska Range; highest point in North America. Permanent snowfields cover more than half the mountain and feed numerous glaciers.
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 [Mt. McKinley], Alaska, is the highest peak in the United States). It is connected by a scenic highway with Death Valley. The peak is named for U.S. geologist Josiah D. Whitney, who surveyed it in 1864.

Whitney, Mount


a mountain in the western USA, in the state of California. Rising 4,418 m above sea level, Mount Whitney has the highest summit in the Sierra Nevada. It is a sharp peak rising above the axial crest of a ridge. On the slopes of the mountain are alpine meadows and snowfields.

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Facts: -- The start line is Badwater, Death Valley, which marks the lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere at 280' (85m) below sea level; -- The race finishes at the Mt.
The temperature for the 100 miles across Death Valley hovered around 125 degrees, and by the time I reached the official finish line at the upper terminus of the Mt.
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government to pay $700,000 to the estate of a hiker who was killed when, during a lightning storm, he took refuge in a metal-roofed hut on California's Mt.
Crystal Geyser Roxane has announced plans to triple production with a $3-million expansion at the company's new alpine spring water facility in the High Sierra near Mt.
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