Mount Wilson

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Wilson, Mount,

peak, 5,710 ft (1,740 m) high, S Calif., in the San Gabriel Mts., NE of Pasadena. It is the site of Mt. Wilson Observatory (est. 1904), one of the Hale Observatories. A 100-in. (254-cm) reflecting telescope there, no longer in use, was once the world's largest.
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If the Maunder minimum on Earth indeed reflects a lower solar brightness during that 70-year period -- a possibility the Mt.
Doug Beason ("Ignition"), a Deputy Associate Director at the Los Alamos National Research Laboratory; and physicist-author-educator Robert Jastrow -- director of the Mt.
A pioneer phase-coherence interferometer for visible stars,Mark II, located at the Mt.
Rounding out the curriculum are field trips to Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Mt.
In another year or so, a dedicatedstellar interferometer will be operating on Mt.
He discussed work done by himself, Alan Dressler of the Mt.
Robert Jastrow, author, physicist and director of the Mt.