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see landslidelandslide,
rapid slipping of a mass of earth or rock from a higher elevation to a lower level under the influence of gravity and water lubrication. More specifically, rockslides are the rapid downhill movement of large masses of rock with little or no hydraulic flow, similar to
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a thin (up to 1 m thick) soil layer or drift and eluvial formation that moves (flows) down a slope under the influence of gravity as a result of saturation by meltwater, rainwater, or groundwater until it assumes a mudlike state. Mud-flows usually occur on smooth, unsodded slopes and on railroad embankments.


A flowing mass of fine-grained earth material having a high degree of fluidity during movement.


Movement of soft weak soil having the consistency of mud.
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She added that the said mud flow prevented the fast absorption of flood water, which in some barangays in Santa Cruz reached 12 feet deep, by the soil and resulted in the slow recession of flood water that further aggravated the damage brought about by the weather disturbance.
Washington, Apr 1 ( ANI ): After taking a detailed look at the distinctive Cerberus Fossae, planetary scientists say that some of Mars' lava fields may actually be massive mud flows, indicating that the ancient feature may not have been caused by volcanic activity at all.
Simulation of the mud flow in the annulus had shown that
At least 23 mud flows spewing methane gas have been found in Wiboa subdistrict in Kupang regency, East Nusa Tenggara .
This led to increase in mud flow posing serious threats to power house To address this situation IRSA increased water outflow from Mangla, he added.
PRECAUTION Stone dam is built near river; ECO FEAR Mud flow at Drumkeeran, Co Leitrim, yesterday Pics: JAMES CONNOLLY/ PICSELL8
The nation's natural wonders include the world's tallest mountain, Mount Qomolangma--better known in the English-speaking world as Mount Everest--and the Yellow River, a waterway so laden with sediment that some say it's more accurately described as a mud flow than as a river.
Was all that money and effort meant to increase the mud flow to build on the legendary trademark?
Drywall workers use a manual box, which does not always apply mud evenly or have a device on it to stop mud flow, oftentimes leaving a mess at the construction site.
The hot mud flow, which until now remain out of control, has buried a number of villages, and infrastructure including toll road, railway and factories since the disaster struck almost a year ago.
Ash, burned trees, and mud flow "create a deadly slurry that flows into a stream and can kill fish, move channels and widen the stream by a factor of 10 to 100 times.
A lot of the bones were fossilised which suggests the animals were already dead and some of the mud flow has gone over them and preserved them.