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(mülhou`zən) or

Mühlhausen in Thüringen

(mülhou`zən ĭn tür`ĭng-ən), city (1994 pop. 39,906), Thuringia, central Germany, on the Unstrut River. It is a major center for the manufacture of textiles, leather, wood, and metal products. Barite is mined nearby. Fortified (10th cent.) by Henry I, Mühlhausen was a favorite residence of the German rulers. It was made a free imperial city in 1180 and later (13th cent.) joined the Hanseatic LeagueHanseatic League
, mercantile league of medieval German towns. It was amorphous in character; its origin cannot be dated exactly. Originally a Hansa was a company of merchants trading with foreign lands.
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. It became (16th cent.) an Anabaptist center and was dominated during the Peasants' War by Thomas MünzerMünzer or Müntzer, Thomas
, c.1489–1525, radical German Protestant reformer. During his studies at Leipzig (1518) Münzer fell under the influence of Martin Luther.
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, who was executed there in 1525. Mühlhausen changed hands several times before passing in 1815 to Prussia. Noteworthy structures of the city include several Gothic churches, a 17th-century city hall, medieval fortifications, and many houses dating from the 16th, 17th, and 18th cent.



a city in the German Democratic Republic, in the Erfurt District, on the upper Unstrut River. Population, 44,600 (1972).

The city is a center of the textile (wool and cotton), garment, and knitted goods industries. Other industries include electrotechnology, furniture, tobacco, leather, and food. Various types of machines are also built. Potassium salt and natural gas are extracted nearby.

Mühlhausen is first mentioned in eighth-century sources. During the Peasants’ War of 1524–26, the city was a center of the revolutionary movement in Thuringia and the chief center of T. Münzer’s activity.

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