Muhammad VI

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Muhammad VI,

1963–, king of Morocco (1999–), formerly Muhammad ben Al-Hassan, crown prince Sidi Muhammad. He studied at Muhammad V Univ., Rabat, where he received bachelor's (1985) and master's (1988) degrees in law, and at the Univ. of Nice, France, where he obtained (1993) his doctorate in law. In the 1990s, as the health of his father King Hassan IIHassan II
, 1929–99, king of Morocco (1961–99). Formerly crown prince Moulay Hassan ben Mohammed Alaoui, he ascended the throne on the death (1961) of his father, Muhammad V. A graduate of the Univ.
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 declined, the crown price assumed a greater role in the government. In 1994 he was promoted to general and became coordinator of the Royal Armed Forces, and in 1998 he initiated a wide-ranging antipoverty program. When Hassan died in 1999, the crown price succeeded him as Muhammad VI. More moderate than his father, he has made moves toward various social and economic improvements. In 2011, in response to demonstrations calling for political reform, he supported constitutional amendments that reduced his powers somewhat.

Muhammad VI


Mehmet VI,

1861–1926, last Ottoman sultan (1918–22), brother and successor of Muhammad V. He became sultan of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) near the end of World War I and soon capitulated to the Allies, who occupied Constantinople and sought to rule through him what remained of Turkey. He consented to the extremely harsh peace terms of the Allies (see Sèvres, Treaty ofSèvres, Treaty of,
1920, peace treaty concluded after World War I at Sèvres, France, between the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), on the one hand, and the Allies (excluding Russia and the United States) on the other.
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). In the meantime Kemal AtatürkAtatürk, Kemal
, 1881–1938, Turkish leader, founder of modern Turkey. He took the name in 1934 in place of his earlier name, Mustafa Kemal, when he ordered all Turks to adopt a surname; it is made up of the Turkish words Ata and Türk [father of the Turks].
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 gained control over Anatolia; after his victory over the Greeks he turned on Muhammad, who was deposed in 1922. The sultanate was abolished and the republic of Turkey established. Muhammad fled and died in exile. After his flight he was deposed as caliph, in which capacity he was succeeded by his cousin, Abd al-Majid. In 1924 the caliphatecaliphate
, the rulership of Islam; caliph , the spiritual head and temporal ruler of the Islamic state. In principle, Islam is theocratic: when Muhammad died, a caliph [Arab.,=successor] was chosen to rule in his place.
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 was abolished and all members of the Ottoman house were exiled. Muhammad VI died at San Remo, Italy.
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Muhammad VI, who in 1999 took over the Arab world's longest-serving dynasty, offered the reforms after the youth-based February 20 Movement organized weeks of proreform protests that brought thousands to the streets.
The man succeeded Abd al-Rahman al-Yusufi in leadership, but did not succeed him in representing the logic of agreement, and he might not have realized that King Muhammad VI succeeded his father Hassan II, and the latter permitted himself to be a king above parties, and at the same time he observed the detail of what was happening inside the parties and outside of the parties, while his successor was interested in the role of institutions and leaves it to others to bear their full responsibilities.
Benaissa is in Japan to accompany Morocco's King Muhammad VI during his visit to Japan as a state guest.
And every one he dealt earned another US$100 for King Muhammad VI of Morocco's fa-vourite charity.
And every one he dealt earned another $100 for King Muhammad VI of Morocco's favourite charity.
The late King will be succeeded by his son, 36-year-old Muhammad VI, who reportedly will continue his father's policies concerning Israel.
Manama, July 27 (BNA): The Moroccan Ambassador to Bahrain, Ahmed Rasheed Khattabi, hailed the royal visit of HM King Muhammad VI of Morocco to the Gulf region last April and the convening of the first Morocco-GCC Summit in Riyadh.
King Muhammad VI Jun 7 calls for the reactivation of the Arab Maghreb Union, which has been frozen since its 1989 launch, saying the five-nation body is key for regional development.
The king received a message from Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani and a telephone call from Moroccan King Muhammad VI over the past week.
Moroccan King Muhammad VI announced on March 9 plans to implement sweeping constitutional reforms to strengthen democracy in the country (SEE MER 10/3/2011) and recently announced the release of more than 90 political prisoners.
Morocco's approach to promoting both democracy and development -- which King Muhammad VI often discusses, and did right after nationwide protests on February 20th -- is to wed the two, so that each is advanced by way of the other.
The Israel decision was taken afterMorocco's King Muhammad VI had refused to meet with him during his planned visit.