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Tenders are invited for Major Maintenance 400 Kv Tomatoes - Mukacevo (Design)
Procurement Services Permits Design (Technical Expertise Et, Documentation for Approval of Intervention Works Dali, Technical Project Pt + Cs, Details of Execution, Documentation as Built) for Major Maintenance 400 Kv Tomatoes - Mukacevo (Design) as Required Specifications are Loads of (The Design Theme).
Total quantity or scope: Major maintenance reddish Mukacevo 400 kV (design)
The Ruthenian and Ukrainian Orthodox population was subjected to pressures to recognize the papacy, w hich resulted in a "Union" at Mukacevo in 1649.
In 1649, in Mukacevo, sixty-four Orthodox priests signed a document of union initiated by the monarch, Ferdinand III.
1) The fruits of this union are to be found today in the European eparchies of Mukacevo (Ukraine), Presov (Slovakia), Prague (Czech Republic), Krizevci (Croatia, with a large percentage of its faithful living in Serbia), and Hajdudorog (Hungary), as well as in five eparchies embracing more than 200,000 faithful in the United States and Canada.
In the latter case, it would now embrace Rusin Greek Catholics emigrating from the erstwhile Ruthenian Eparchy of Mukacevo.