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Germany: see RügenRügen
, island (1994 est. pop. 85,000), 358 sq mi (927 sq km), Mecklenburg–West Pomerania, NE Germany, in the Baltic Sea, separated from the mainland by the Strelasund.
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a city in the German Democratic Republic, on Rügen Island. Rostock is the nearest major city. Population, 13,500 (1970). Sassnitz has train ferry communication with Trelleborg in Sweden. It is a fishing port on the Baltic Sea and an important center for the fishing industry. Chalk is extracted and processed near Sassnitz.

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Bauern und Bronzegiesser--Die Siedlung am Fahrhafen Mukran, Lkr.
Both pipelines consisting of 200,000 pipes weighing 11 tonnes each will be covered before installation by Eupec (France) at the ports of Kotka, Finland and Mukran on Germany's Rugen island with a magnetite iron ore-concrete mix 60-110 millimetres thick using the impingement process before final curing.
Thermotraffic supervises transshipment of goods on to Russian mechanically refrigerated rail cars in Mukran, Brest and Chop.
Euro-Baltic is able to process fish extremely rapidly due to its geographical position along the deep harbor port of Mukran.
Klaipeda is one of the largest ice-free seaports in the Baltic Sea, and one of the most advanced as well -- with road, rail and ro-ro links to other trading centers like Mukran, Kiel, Ahus and Stockholm.