archipelago, Panama: see San Blas IslandsSan Blas Islands
, formerly Mulatas
, archipelago off the northeast coast of Panama. It consists of 332 coral islands. The inhabitants are almost pure-blooded aborigines of Carib origin; fishing and coconut gathering are the chief occupations.
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Cordoba, to its own chagrin, still intimated wild, even dangerous places--caves hidden in the hills, mysterious mulatas with magical powers, and it stood in direct opposition of modernity.
The viceroy claimed that enslaved African men may have been preferentially choosing to have children with indias and free mulatas in order to insure their offspring would be born free.
The point was to counter the Cuban government's tourist-friendly "Fidelandia" image of tropical socialism of mojitos and mulatas by the beach which has become popular throughout Europe.
Cuerpo y cultura: las musicas mulatas y la subversion del baile.
His painting, Mulatas, is estimated at Au 2,20,000- Au 2,80,000 ( Rs 1.
Com a Lei do Ventre Livre, uma avalanche de criancas negras e mulatas juntou-se aquelas que eram deixadas nas ruas, provenientes de familias pobres e filhas de prostitutas.
It's another vision: the Cuba of the night, the sea, the singers, the mulatas.
As relacoes hierarquicas representadas nas antigas imagens do Brasil exotico, com suas mulatas, biquinis e praias, significam que os brasileiros sao drenados de significados pelo observador europeu, que se encontra em patamar mundial mais alto.
Metonymically linked, mulatas, samba, and carnival become here
However, the mulatas continued to be an important Brazilian export product (Caldwell 2007: 58-59).
Pepa Delgado e Cecilia Porto, atrizes brancas e as duas principais mulatas de Forrobodo, eram candidatas naturais, mas, apesar de permanecerem como atrizes de destaque, nao ganharam a coroa.
Female offspring were considered doubly untrustworthy and without value if they were mulatas.