Mulchatna Wild River

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Mulchatna Wild River:

see Lake Clark National Park and PreserveLake Clark National Park and Preserve,
S Alaska. Located across Cook Inlet from Anchorage, the park (2,619,733 acres/1,060,621 hectares) and adjacent preserve (1,410,325 acres/570,982 hectares) feature the jagged peaks of the Chigmit Mts; lakes Clark, Fishtrap, and Iliamna;
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The Mulchatna herd, located in the Mulchatna river drainage west Of Anchorage, is an example of this.
Finally, a couple days after killing the moose, we spotted a big brownie off the Mulchatna River.
With an icy wind whipping our faces, Martin and I motored 20 miles down the Mulchatna River seeking the clean water and spawning sockeye salmon of Mosquito Creek.
Photo (1--color) Alaska rainbow Mulchatna River (2--color) Local rainbow Big Tujunga Canyon (3--color) Montana rainbow Madison River Joe Contaldi Daily News Drawing (1--color) Common Rainbows are heavily dotted and named for the red pigmentation over the lateral line.
Sweet Spots: The Mulchatna River herd east of Lake Illiamna is one of the state's most populous, and accounts for a high percentage of high-scoring antlers.
We stashed our gear in our chartered twin Otter and took off, heading southwest through the majestic landscape of Lake Clark Pass, en route to the Mulchatna River.
The modern-day Mulchatna herd--named for the Mulchatna River which flows through what was once the herd's primary calving area--numbers some 200,000 caribou, a huge increase over the "mere" 80,000 to 90,000 animals it contained in the 1980s.
Drainages such as the Stony, Hoholitna and Mulchatna rivers and the Lake Clark region are all worthwhile bets, though hunting is more difficult due to hunt dates that typically conclude before the rut gets into full swing.