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, mulla, mollah
(formerly) a Muslim scholar, teacher, or religious leader: also used as a title of respect



in Islam, a learned teacher or expounder of religious law and doctrines; usually chosen by a group of believers from among their own number.

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Khamenei isn't alone among mullahs to properly budget his vocal sorties.
I think mullahs have as much right to talk about whatever they wish as do academics, columnists, taxi-drivers and grave-diggers.
I and two others remained with Mullah Qasim and the rest were sent to different parts of the city," he said.
Many times we encountered foreigners, but Mullah Qasim would escape after seeing foreigners and finally we were arrested without carrying out any attack," he said.
And Mullah Jafar Gwani, the formal speaker of KIRSU, blamed small portions of mullahs and intellectuals for the confrontation.
However, he would weep at the sight of contemporary Punjab, where he might be killed for criticising mullah shahi within hours of the critique.
The-then Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, and his French and German counterparts told us that their policy of appeasing the mullahs would encourage reform within the regime.
Bush's belligerence may leave the mullahs still firmly in charge--clean undergarments and all.
Far from being the slums of Baghdad or Kabul, Tehran is a cosmopolitan city with an educated work force, which will make the difference after the mullahs fall, Morovati said.
MULLAH FAIZAL is the Taliban's assistant defence minister and head of the Taliban Army Corps.
The regime in Iran is as fundamentalist as it was when the mullahs took over after the revolution in 1979 and that needs to be highlighted and made known.
Hundreds of thousands of good, innocent people have been killed at the hands of the mullahs simply because they have agreed with their Islamic fundamentalism and during two months alone in 1988 30,000 prisoners were executed.