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(computer science)
A processing technique that allows two or more of the same type of transaction to be carried out simultaneously.


Sharing a single CPU between multiple tasks (or "threads") in a way designed to minimise the time required to switch threads. This is accomplished by sharing as much as possible of the program execution environment between the different threads so that very little state needs to be saved and restored when changing thread.

Multithreading differs from multitasking in that threads share more of their environment with each other than do tasks under multitasking. Threads may be distinguished only by the value of their program counters and stack pointers while sharing a single address space and set of global variables. There is thus very little protection of one thread from another, in contrast to multitasking.

Multithreading can thus be used for very fine-grain multitasking, at the level of a few instructions, and so can hide latency by keeping the processor busy after one thread issues a long-latency instruction on which subsequent instructions in that thread depend.

A light-weight process is somewhere between a thread and a full process.

TL0 is an example of a threaded machine language. Dataflow computation (E.g. Id and SISAL) is an extreme form of multithreading.


A feature within a CPU that allows two or more instruction streams (threads) to execute concurrently. Each stream is a "subprocess" that is managed by the CPU and operating system. Today's CPUs support a large number of threads. For example, IBM's POWER8 CPU comes with up to 12 cores, and each core handles eight threads for a total of 96 threads.

Operating systems are written to use multithreading wherever possible; however, applications can also be written to take advantage of this parallel processing. If the application is very complex, the effort can be formidable even for experienced programmers. See SMP, re-entrant code, multicore, multiprocessing and hyperthreading.

Threads Galore
The cover of Software Development Times in November 2012 highlighted the issue that CPUs with many cores provide even more threads for the programmer.
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D2's vPort multi-threading softDSP solution running on the 34Kc core allows up to eight separate channels to be implemented on virtually the same amount of silicon that could previously support four," says Michael Uhler, chief technology officer of MIPS Technologies.
In this regard, the new version is a huge leap forward, and its support for multi-threading allows for blazing performance.
The 34K cores are the first to implement the multi-threading capability of the MIPS(R) MT ASE, while leveraging the MIPS DSP ASE and high performance 24KE(TM) microarchitecture for reduced overall SoC die area, cost, and power consumption in high-performance, cost-sensitive embedded applications.
The standard libraries offered by Rogue Wave Software, along with our software products, provide an excellent set of capabilities to help developers create solutions that deliver high-performance multi-tasking and multi-threading, improved system performance and efficiency and a more stable infrastructure for a dual-core environment.
Qt's advanced multi-threading capabilities, along with its database integration, XML support and other features, enable development teams to build powerful desktop and server-side applications.
Built from the ground up to debug parallel code, TotalView offers the developer unrivaled ability to debug applications that use multi-threading, MPI and OpenMP.
MIPS Technologies' multi-threading capability also enables us to develop the higher performance, lower power solutions our customers require," said Tom Snodgrass, vice president of product development, Enterprise Storage Division, PMC-Sierra.
Incorporating multi-threading in each core in a coherent multi-core architecture enables the 1004K multiprocessor to surpass the performance of multi-core systems based on single-threaded processor cores.
Mozilla's developers have announced plans to add application multi-threading to Firefox over the next two years, a feature already partially enabled in its main rivals, IE8 and Google Chrome.
Using true hardware multi-threading, the META family of processors delivers, in a unified architecture, general purpose processing, complex DSP and multimedia capabilities, real-time operation and low power consumption.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) today announced a new release of the OpenAccess standard and Reference Implementation which includes support for multi-threading, 32nm constraints unique to this particular technology node, as well as other functional enhancements.
We believe that the combination of multi-threading and multiprocessing capabilities in MIPS Technologies' 1004K core make it one of the hottest products of 2008 in our 'Processors and Tools' category.

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