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SecuriKey Professional Multi-User locks down laptops in groups large and small.
This GA enhanced technology will allow PICK Systems, through its VAR channel, to target high-end, large multi-user enterprise class customers.
Perry Pickerign, president and CEO of Computone, said a letter of intent has been signed for the purchase of Multi-User Solutions, with the acquisition to be completed within 60 days, subject to normal due diligence.
Networking PC's has become a popular method for achieving office integration in a simulated multi-user environment.
LightSpeed 2 offers powerful new multi-user sales and inventory tools to retail and small business customers, and now integrates online tools that let businesses sell their products online without maintaining separate databases of products, images and orders.
We talked to some other service providers about this program but did not get the same sense of cooperation and flexibility that we got from Multi-User Solutions.
BAE Systems has addressed the problem with patented multi-user detection techniques that reduce computational complexity with minimal sacrifice in performance.
We're confident that the combination of our multi-user terminal products, Linspire's Linux operating system and Yellow Penguin's computing expertise will help open the door for more computer users at schools, government agencies, SMBs and homes in South Africa.
Part 1 examines theoretical aspects of channel adaptation in wireless communications for point-to-point and multi-user systems with multiple antennas
Based upon overwhelming feedback, ebrary decided that increasing our number of multi-user access databases and building our perpetual access collection would be of great value for the diversified subject and budget requirements of our customers.
All ebrary subscription databases are delivered under a simultaneous, multi-user access model.

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