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1. Mountaineering any of various devices such as piton or nut when used as a direct help in the ascent
2. (in medieval Europe; in England after 1066) a feudal payment made to the king or any lord by his vassals, usually on certain occasions such as the marriage of a daughter or the knighting of an eldest son


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As a result, the total debt of the Third World vis-a-vis the World Bank and other multilateral aid giving agencies is more than $3 trillion.
Most important forms of foreign aid have been development assistance and emergency relief; state and voluntary aid; financial, technical and commodity assistance including food aid; assistance in the form of grants and loans; bilateral and multilateral aid and programme and project aid.
Like governments, multilateral aid institutions can suffer from central-planning paralysis, which makes it difficult to isolate mistakes and find ways to better serve their "clients.
What have we learned about the implementation of a human rights approach to development in practice, and how can governments and bilateral and multilateral aid organizations strengthen this approach going forward?
By extending invite to US to help develop a hydroelectric dam on the Congo River, China demonstrates keen interest in multilateral aid projects
Despite political constraints, it is thus no surprise that almost all these countries had to reform energy subsidies, for some in part along with multilateral aid.
The Fund for the Development of the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, commonly known as the Indigenous Fund, was set up during the Second Ibero-American Summit in Madrid in 1992 as a multilateral aid agency for the promotion of indigenous rights and development.
0 percent, the Washington-based multilateral aid agency said in a report.
Focusing on government to government aid and multilateral aid, he argues that the bulk often benefits the rich rather than the poor and assesses its use to see if it achieves its intended purpose and how it can be used more effectively.
FDI inflows are at a fourth of what these were two years ago while there are uncertainties over foreign bilateral and multilateral aid inflows.
Bilateral aid is given by one country directly to another; multilateral aid is given through the intermediacy of an international organisation, such as the World Bank, which pools donations from several countries' governments and then distributes them to the recipients.

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