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(also Rotaprint), a small-format, sheet-fed offset printing machine for office use in duplicating documents in batches up to a few thousand copies. It consists of a sheet-feeding device (automatic feeder), the printer, including the impression, blanket, and plate cylinders, inking and moistening devices, and a receiving stacker.

A printed copy is obtained in the following manner. As the impression cylinder with the printing plate rotates, the rollers of the moistening and inking devices roll progressively along its surface. The ink is transferred from the printing plate to a rubber blanket stretched around the blanket cylinder and then from the blanket to the paper on the plate cylinder. The copy is then fed to a receiving tray.

The printing plates for a Multilith are made electrographically or photomechanically. The Multilith is used for simple one-color and multi-colored printing. Its printing speed is 6,000–9,000 cycles per hour.

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He began his film work as a multilith operator at the Republic Studios, followed by an eight-year apprenticeship as a film editor.
It is strange to recall that when we bought a Multilith machine, (3) the forerunner of Tim's Hamada, I ran it.
First published in 1953, it started out in life as the Alberta Historical Review, a hand-bound multilith magazine printed on legal-sized paper.