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multimedia container

A digital file format that holds audio, video and subtitles. Containers support a variety of audio and video compression methods and are not tied to one particular audio or video codec. AVI was the first Windows container format, and Matroska/MKV is a popular open source container. MPEG-4, QuickTime and RealMedia are also A/V containers. See codec examples.

Multimedia Container Examples

   Microsoft     AVI

   Apple         QuickTime

   Streaming     RealMedia

   Open Source   Matroska

   MPEG-4        MP4
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Microsoft's Audio Video Interleave (AVI) was used as implementation multimedia container format.
The next two approaches for augmenting data into multimedia container format are common: interleaving or non-interleaving (Fig.
The next two approaches for encoding the augmented data into a multimedia container format file are common: textual or binary.

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