Multimedia Personal Computer

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Multimedia Personal Computer

(MPC) A specification published by the Multimedia PC Marketing Council in 1990 to encourage the adoption of a standard multimedia computing platform. In May 1993, the MPC Marketing Council published a new specification called MPC Level 2 Specification as an enhanced multimedia computer standard. The original MPC specification, now also known as the MPC Level 1 Specification, continues in full effect.

The appearance of the MPC or MPC2 certification mark on a computer system or upgrade kit indicates that the hardware meets the corresponding (Level 1 or Level 2) MPC Marketing Council specification. Software bearing the Multimedia PC mark has been designed to work on Multimedia PC licensed hardware.

By establishing a standard platform, certifying hardware compliance and providing inter-operability between software and hardware for the consumer, the MPC Marketing Council is encouraging widespread use of multimedia applications and hardware.
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Apple has long been considered a leading multimedia personal computer vendor, starting with its first Macintosh in 1984 that incorporated sound and graphics capabilities.
Multimedia personal computers take a giant leap forward today, finally reaching the video quality levels associated with high-end $2000 consumer televisions.
NYSE: CPQ) has authorized Global's new Computer Outlet Store to market the Compaq Presario line of small office/home office, multimedia personal computers featuring exciting, pre-installed software packages.
The center offers at-risk families and schoolchildren access to the Internet and multimedia personal computers.
called OT Sports(TM), to develop and produce interactive game software for multimedia personal computers and next generation video games under the ABC Sports brand.
TM), a music-authoring tool for musicians and computer-savvy nonmusicians; EasyKeys(TM), a software simulation of a music keyboard and "boom-box" that enables users to "jam"; Melody Maestro(TM), a melody- generation technology that walks users through creation of a musical piece and provides educational text along the way; AudioTracks Professional(TM), a utility that creates musical "clip art" MIDI files that can be attached to documents as OLE objects; and OEM "lite" versions of various Blue Ribbon products that accompany sales of numerous sound cards and multimedia personal computers.
is bundling Turtle Beach System's game-compatible Monte Carlo sound card into ZEOS multimedia personal computers.
RISC microprocessors at first could be found only in the world's most powerful workstation computers, but are now used in some very affordable multimedia personal computers, such as Apple's Power Macintosh.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- Tapping into the booming market for multimedia personal computers, the CompuServe Information Service has become the first online service to offer new member sign-up via CD ROM.
There are several major PC manufacturers who will be incorporating the VxP201 chip into multimedia personal computers destined for introduction in the third and fourth quarters of 1994.
3 million contract to supply multimedia personal computers to approximately 1,300 members of the U.

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