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A device that converts analog signals to digital form for transmission and converts signals traveling in the opposite direction from digital to analog form. Derived from coder-decoder.



(1) (COder/DECoder) A hardware circuit that performs analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) and/or digital-to-analog (DAC) conversion. When a digital device receives analog signals from a microphone, VHS tape or other analog source, the ADC converts them to digital audio samples and video frames. Generally, the results are further compressed to save bandwidth (see definition #2).

(2) (COmpressor/DECompressor) Software and/or hardware that compresses digital audio and video data in order to reduce file size. Compressed files can be transmitted faster and stored in less space. For example, a song on a CD can be reduced to 10% of its original file size using MP3 compression (see MP3). The size of a movie/video file is dramatically reduced using various compression techniques (see video format).

Video formats generally use one codec, which may comprise several quality levels. "Container formats," such as Apple's QuickTime and Microsoft's AVI, support a variety of codecs (see container).

The goal of codec designers is to maintain audio and video quality while compressing the binary data further. Lossy methods are widely used, which actually discard bits that most people cannot hear or see. See lossy compression, codec examples, companding and codec switching.

(3) (COmpressor-DECompressor) A general data compression algorithm; for example, a "Zip codec." The term may also be applied to the built-in algorithms used to create and render images such as GIFs and JPEGs. See data compression.
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To learn more about the new MP3 decoder as well as other multimedia codecs from ARC, attend ConfigCon Silicon Valley, December 4th at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.
Aricent's multimedia codecs were designed specifically for TI's OMAP3430 processor, the latest in a line of mobile platforms that combine PC- and consumer entertainment system-comparable performance with low power consumption.
The Mobile-Media2000 platform's unique combination of high-performance hardware platform, a complete set of optimized multimedia codecs, and application layer firmware integrates video, audio, voice and imaging into a single fully-programmable solution.
Here's a selection of what it can install: multimedia codecs, audio/ DVD codecs, Firefox plugins, Microsoft TrueType Fonts, Gnomebaker for burning CDs and DVDs, StreamTuner - a fantastic internet radio tuner, Mplayer with plugins, Open Office suite, Sun Java support, Firestarter firewall, nVidia graphics drivers and Firefox 1.
TI's comprehensive suite of multimedia codecs and third party ecosystem solutions will be available in March.
We developed VideoCore specifically for enabling the rapid adoption of power and performance optimized multimedia codecs into mobile devices, which allows us to rapidly enable optimized WebM support to mobile consumers.
Freescale's high-performance multimedia codecs enable a series of popular audio, video and image applications using i.
By partnering with CEVA for their MM2000 portable multimedia solution, our new Android-capable High Definition multimedia processors leverage CEVA's programmable multimedia engine to enable the rapid deployment of additional multimedia codecs in our designs via firmware upgrade, without the need for costly and time-consuming silicon re-spins.
Aricent's Media EXP suite provides all essential multimedia components including: high-definition multimedia CODECs, which enable the highest performance audio/video recording and playback; advanced multimedia end-user applications; communication applications for voice, video and Rich Communications Services (RCS); and device middleware interfaces, such as Real-Time Transport Protocol and Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTP/RTSP); Video Telephony - 324M; and Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld (DVB-H).
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Through Aricent's new center, with its full suite of mobile applications, middleware and optimized embedded multimedia codecs for multiple mobile platforms, Ortiva can perform research, development and testing of its built-for-mobile multimedia delivery solutions.
The market is demanding higher-performance, multimedia codecs that use less network bandwidth and consume less power," said Will Strauss, principal analyst with Forward Concepts.

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