power strip

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power strip

An electricity distribution device that turns one AC wall outlet into several. Power strips may or may not include surge suppression circuits, and many strips leave room for the myriad power adapters that accompany products. See power distribution unit, power adapter and surge suppression.

Room for "Warts"
Many power strips leave room for one or more "wall warts;" slang for the power adapter blocks that come with many electronics products.

Save Energy
Even power saving mode uses electricity. Attached to a motion sensor (bottom), this Watt Stopper has two regular outlets and six that turn off when you leave the room. The computer can stay on, while lights, monitor and printer are shut off. (Image courtesy of Legrand Companies, www.wattstopper.com)

Designed for Racks
Power strips are widely used in equipment racks to distribute power to all the devices. Sophisticated units turn devices on and off (see power distribution unit). (Image courtesy of American Power Conversion Corporation.)
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Both growth figures were down from 2015 but exceeded the increase in the multioutlet channel.
Overall, the past year has been light on innovation in the hand and body moisturizer category, and IRI multioutlet data show hand and body moisturizer sales to be flat overall.
The photograph for system 1 shows the variety of multioutlet heads available to screw onto sprinkler risers and distribute water to plants through 1/4-inch or laser-drilled soaker tubing.
4, according to multioutlet data from Chicago-based IRI, retailers have been fine-tuning their offerings.
According to SPINS, a provider of retail consumer insights, analytics and consulting for the natural, organic and specialty products industry, the fastest-growing categories of natural products across all channels (natural, specialty, conventional multioutlet and convenience) in dollar percent change are refrigerated tea and coffee with 80% dollar increase versus a year ago and water with an increase of $381.
We saw solid growth in our core health and beauty categories, including the strong cough/cold season, and we gained share in health and beauty in both the drug and multioutlet markets," he continued.
One is to use multioutlet emitters that screw directly onto sprinkler risers, without the need for a filter or pressure regulator.
Since 2012, CPG unit sales have been flat to negative across the multioutlet channel (chug stores, supermarkets, discount stores, military commissaries, and selected clubs and dollar stores), while dollar sales have edged up slightly.
According to multioutlet sales data from IRI for the 12 weeks ended January 26, the sexual health category, in which IRI includes male and female contraceptives as well as sexual enhancement devices, registered a 4.
Multioutlet emitters have up to 12 outlets per head.
9 percent across natural supermarkets (excluding Whole Foods Market), specialty supermarkets and conventional multioutlet channels for the 52 weeks ending May 15, according to data from Schaumburg, Ill.
5 times that of the multioutlet channel over the last five years.