Multiple Master

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Multiple Master

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(Or "Multiple Master Font") A font that is a mixture of two or more other fonts.

A Multiple Master font is a single font containing from two to sixteen master designs (the current implementation limit). A weight factor specifies the contribution of each master design for the creation of a multiple master font instance.

A Multiple Master instance is a single interpolation of a multiple master font as created by a user or application.

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Multiple Master

A font technology from Adobe that allows a typeface to be generated in different styles, from condensed to expanded and from light to heavy. Multiple Master can generate fonts that are more optically correct at both extremes in size from very small to very large than standard Type 1 fonts.
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In a hierarchical network, multiple masters can be employed at any level.
With up to a 60 disc capacity per run, our customers can now load multiple masters and run multiple jobs in succession.
from USC as well as multiple Masters degrees in intelligent systems from USC & IIT - Madras.
Other recent technology advancements include Seamless Serial which allows serial radios to transmit data within an Ethernet network; MultiSpeed MultiPoint(TM) which enables radios with different data speeds and modulation speeds to coexist within the same network; and MultiMaster Sync for serial and Ethernet radios which allows multiple masters to be co-located with each other without interference.
This results in investment banks serving multiple masters, with differing interests, on most capital markets transactions.
net's rapidly growing data requirements by eliminating the need for sharding across multiple masters and allowing the consolidation of slaves.
Up Close & Magical: An expansion of Crystal's exclusive entertainment program, Magic Castle at Sea, with multiple masters from Hollywood's exclusive members-only club, The Magic Castle, dazzling, mystifying and sharing their illusionary talents with more classes and shows.
Today's data centers are heterogeneous environments with multiple masters and stakeholders, but in order for any organization to make decisions or analyze business performance these mixed environments need to work together simply and seamlessly," said Alan Murray, vice president of product management at Novell.

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