Multiple Root

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multiple root

[′məl·tə·pəl ′rüt]
A polynomial ƒ(x) has c as a multiple root if (x-c) n is a factor for some n > 1. Also known as repeated root.

Multiple Root


A multiple root of the polynomial

f(x) = aoxn + a1xn-1 + … + an

is a number c such that f(x) is divided without remainder by the binomial (x—c) raised to the second or higher degree; c is called a root of multiplicity k iff(x) is divided by (x—c)k but not by (x—c)k+l. A root of multiplicity k of the polynomial f(x) is also a root of all the derivatives of the polynomial up to and including the derivative of order (k — 1), that is, of the polynomials f’(x), f”(x), & ,f(k-1)(x). A multiple root of the polynomial f(x) is also called a multiple root of the equation f(x) = 0.

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In section 2, we discuss the Fixed Point Modified Generalized Newton-Raphson (FPMGNR) Method for multiple roots whereas in section 3, we compare FPMGNR Method for multiple roots with the other methods considered in this paper through some numerical examples.
4) is generally applied for finding a multiple root of equation (1.
Since transpiration reflects the gradient of water potential between the bulk soil and the root surface, the water potential gradient may develop differently in single and multiple root systems.
What we almost always find when we investigate catastrophic accidents, including fatalities, is that multiple root causes related to hazards and unsafe conditions, not multiple unsafe behaviors, cause the accident.
The PCI-Xactor Endpoint solution supports multiple root complexes and endpoints BFMs.
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The Nights has multiple roots from different cultures and its content, that might not be exclusively Oriental, is an issue for many scholars.
Still, it is good to have a book that sheds light on the multiple roots of religious tolerance and which leaves the reader with a cautious hope that tolerance may eventually grow into something even more powerful.
The idea of a global celebration dedicated to the Earth and to environmental issues sprang from multiple roots.

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