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Multiple Units


units that are integral multiples of systemic and subsidiary units of physical quantities. In the International

Table 1. Multiple units
101 ..........deca-дda
102 ..........hecto-h
103 ..........kilo-kk
106 ..........mega-MM
109 ..........giga-ΓG
1012 ..........tera-тT

System of Units, multiple units are formed according to the decimal principle, which relates the multiple units to the basic units. They are named using prefixes with the name of the basic unit (see Table 1).

Examples: 1 decaliter (da l) = 10 l, 1 kilometer (km) = 103 m, 1 megahertz (MHz) = 106 Hz.

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Companies requiring small spaces have the option of renting units starting from a 100 square metres and investors can take up larger warehouse spaces by combining multiple units.
The software is virtually identical in both systems, allowing facilities with multiple units to reduce training time and review files from both systems on a single review station.
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Contract notice: Provision of electric multiple units with a remaining useful life of 15-20 years, including maintenance and long-term ensuring the availability expected over 15 years for use in the rail passenger transport (regional rail) on tram routes in north rhine-westphalia (nrw).
To run either Procedure A or B resin flow rate tests, the MP600 is supplied as a base unit expandable through accessory packages for greater automated testing (control of multiple units from a single PC, plus automatic flow rate measurements using up to three different loads in one test).
Following the trials, NRL awarded NET and Bay an initial order for multiple units, which are targeted for use within NRL's test bed for Advanced Network and Advanced Terabit Storage Area Networking trials.
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