Memorial University of Newfoundland

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Memorial University of Newfoundland,

at St. John's, N.L., Canada; provincially supported; coeducational; founded 1925 as Memorial Univ. College. It achieved university status in 1949. The school has faculties of arts, business administration, science, education, engineering and applied sciences, and medicine. There are schools of graduate studies, music, nursing, pharmacy, physical education, and social work.
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For example, as concluded in a 1992 study by Henry Aaron and Alicia Munnel (later an adviser to President Bill Clinton): "In short, the estate and gift taxes in the United States have failed to achieve their intended purposes.
MERCER COUNTY Mercer County Conservation District -- $55,000 to the conservation district on behalf of Munnel Run Farm to install a grid-tied 10-kilowatt wind turbine that will generate 6,000 kilowatt hours a year.
Much of the recent literature has focused on the black-white differential (for example, Gyourko and Linneman, 1996; Munnel et al.
How did Elinor Constable become a State Department assistant secretary of state, or Alicia Munnel become an assistant secretary at Treasury?