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see WalachiaWalachia
or Wallachia
, historic region (29,568 sq mi/76,581 sq km), S Romania. The Transylvanian Alps separate it in the NW from Transylvania and the Banat; the Danube separates it from Serbia in the west, Bulgaria in the south, and N Dobruja in the east; in the
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the name of the eastern part of Walachia (Rumania), located to the east of the Olt River, which separates it from western Wallachia, called Oltenia. Muntenia includes the administrative districts of Argeş, Brăila, Bucharest (Bucuresti), Buzău, Dîmboviţa, Ilfov, Prahova, Teleorman, and Ialomiţa; it also includes part of the districts of Vîlcea and Olt.

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DEE Distribution Electrica Muntenia Nord SA: BCR Ploiesti Branch: RO 08RNCB0205009977340001 c) cash payments to the cash desk organizer, according to legislation in any case, proof of participation guarantee must be submitted no later than the date and time set for opening of tenders.
Total quantity or scope: Enel Distribution Muntenia - 1 piece
Procurement Preparing Written Works Specialist for Fire Safety Objective of Enel Distribution Muntenia Sa, Enel Distributie Banat Sa, Enel Distribution Dobrogea Sa
Lot 1: Repair workshops endowment transformers in Enel Distribution Muntenia
Procurement Acquisition: Cleaning Services with the Objective of Fdee Personal Carer Electrica Muntenia Nord Distribution S.
Lot 1 - Mainly SCADA acquisition of network equipment and in secondary purchases of hardware and software support for Enel Distribution Muntenia SA, Enel Banat SA and Enel Distribution Distribution Dobrogea SA.
Procurement Purchase Maintenance and Ecological Toilet Rental Enel Distribution Muntenia, Enel Banat and Enel Distribution Distribution Dobrogea
Procurement Periodic Inspection and Protective Equipment Against Falling From Heights and Components for Enel Distribution Muntenia, Enel Banat and Enel Distribution Distribution Dobrogea
Mod constitution: a) the instrument of guarantee issued under the law by a banking company / insurance company, conditional, after finding fault of the person guaranteed under guaranteed contract; unconditionally or upon first demand of the beneficiary, based on his statements about the guilt of the person guaranteed; b) by transfer to the account MUNTENIA ENEL DISTRIBUTION: currency RON - RO33 CITI 0000 0007 6002 euro 3019 or - RO11 CITI 0000 0007 6002 3027, Citibank Europe plc accounts opened.
Drops were reported in North - West (-202 ), South - Muntenia (-98) and South - West Oltenia (-52 l).
The bank has reached an agreement with SIF Banat Crisana, SIF Transilvania, SIF Muntenia and SIF Oltenia to buy 2.
The organisation will be working with two Romanian partners to deliver 50 workshops to business support organisations which are designed to help small to medium sized companies in the region of south Muntenia.