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see deerdeer,
ruminant mammal of the family Cervidae, found in most parts of the world except Australia. Antlers, solid bony outgrowths of the skull, develop in the males of most species and are shed and renewed annually.
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Muntjac deer have been described as a threat to British wildlife despite their cute appearance.
This meat is a bit more wild than Turkey - boar, little muntjac deer and greylag geese feature, as well as home grown vegetables.
Muntjac deer have caused chaos in England, where they roam free and have been blamed for causing road accidents and damage to crops.
There is an expanding population of the invasive non-native muntjac deer that has the potential to make significant negative impacts on our native ground flora and in some areas displace the native roe.
uk THEY may look cute and cuddly, but muntjac deer are the bane of many gardeners' lives.
Go for autumn walks around the hotel's 38 acres of landscaped parkland and keep watch for the resident muntjac deer as they dart across woodland trails.
The addition of the two pandas will complete Zoo Atlanta's Asian Forest, which currently includes red pandas, Sumatran orangutans and tigers, Asian small-clawed otters, muntjac deer and Komodo dragons.
It comes from the same highland region of Vietnam as the newly discovered Du Quang ox and giant muntjac deer (SN: 6/19/93, p.
MUNTJAC DEER Originally from Asia, the growing UK population descends from escapees from the Woburn Abbey estate in 1925.
Expert Dr Paul Dolman revealed a recent published census of roe and muntjac deer has proved numbers have soared.