Murad IV

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Murad IV,

1612?–1640, Ottoman sultan (1623–40), nephew and successor of Mustafa I. He recovered (1638) Baghdad, which Shah Abbas I of Persia had seized. On his victory he sent an order to murder his brother Beyazid. Murad possessed prodigious strength and ruled with ruthless severity. The Greek patriarch Cyril LucarisLucaris, Cyril
, 1572–1637, Greek churchman, b. Crete (then belonging to Venice). He studied at Venice and Padua and was elected patriarch of Alexandria (1602–20) and of Constantinople (1620–37).
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 was another of his victims. Murad was succeeded by his brother Ibrahim (reigned 1640–48) and Ibrahim's son Muhammad IV.
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Murat" (Murat IV) is another opera on the bill, recounting the events that took place during the time of the Ottoman Sultan Murat IV, particularly known for restoring the state's authority.
CHP deputies accused the AK Party of acting like Murat IV, an Ottoman sultan who banned alcohol and tobacco, and said that the AK Party is interfering in people's lifestyle choices.