Ludovico Antonio Muratori

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Muratori, Ludovico Antonio


Born Oct. 21, 1672, in Vignola; died Jan. 23, 1750, in Modena. Italian historian.

Muratori became curator of the Ambrosiana Library at Milan in 1695 and chief librarian and archivist for the dukes of Modena in 1700. He published the basic narrative sources of medieval Italian history. His Annals of Italy is a detailed exposition of Italian history, mainly political, from the first century A.D. to 1749. His Medieval Italian Antiquities is devoted to the history of the institutions, manners, and customs of the Italian states from the fifth to the 13th centuries. Muratori also wrote on paleography, numismatics, and philosophy.


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His training in medicine and science (under Tommaso Cornelio and Leonardo Di Capua), his contacts with Valletta and Caravita, and his connections with Gravina, Muratori, Giannone, and Crescimbeni (the founder of Arcadia), all aspects that Lamparska elegantly sketches, reflect the divergent and even colliding fields of knowledge at the threshold of the modern world.
Por otro lado, la idea del rey-padre pertenecia al ideal del monarca ilustrado, como por ejemplo lo presentaba Muratori, el cual recuerda que
In his Dissertation 75, "De piis laicorum dissertationes" (1742), Muratori noted the abuses that plagued the confraternities of his time and earnestly wished for their reformation.
Construction of the power house, weirs, de-silting facilities and most of the remaining tunnels is largely on schedule; -- The recently amended engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract raises liquidated damages to $125,000 per day from $65,000, and prevents the contractor from claiming change orders (existing or future) relating to underground risks; -- The EPC contractor(a consortium formed by Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti CMC di Ravenna (CMC) and Impresa Pizzarotti & C.
The Venetian public demonstrated an appreciation of Le donne curiose in such a cordial way ("la piece fut extremement applaudie," remembered Goldoni in the Memoires) (12) that another Venetian comedywright, Francesco Griselini, attempted immediately to take advantage of latomystic success, announcing in April of 1753 to the Bassanese editor Giambattista Remondini his intention of publishing his own comedy entitled I liberi muratori (13) (an operation effectively brought to fruition the next year by the Venetian printer Pietro Bassaglia), in fact a lifting of the Goldonian text, but in a tone explicitly, and in some scenes didactically, Masonic.
Religious and non-religious authors and artists were equally familiar with Gravina, Muratori, Bellori and German writers on the sublime.
The EPC contractor -- a consortium formed by Cooperativa Muratori
The contract, awarded to a consortium involving Italian company Cooperativa Muratori and Cementisti (CMC) di Ravenna and South Africa s WBHO, will take 24 months and its financing is secured with funds from the Mozambique State Budget and the African Development Bank.
The replacement EPC contractor (a consortium formed between Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti CMC di Ravenna and Impresa Pizzarotti & C.
Separately, the Company announced that Walter Muratori, President of Cameron Ashley, has been named President of the Cameron subsidiary, taking on the post from Ronald Ross, who continues as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.
McElwee and Bradberry have also been named to the newly created Operations Executive Committee which also includes Ronald Ross, Chairman of the Board of Cameron Ashley; Walter Muratori, President of Cameron Ashley; and Curtis Baker and Harrell Spivey, both Executive Vice Presidents of Cameron.
Walter Muratori, President of Cameron Ashley, commented: "This is an exciting opportunity to acquire an excellent, well-run company.