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see MarzuqMarzuq
or Murzuk
, town (1984 pop. 42,294), SW Libya. With Sabha, it is one of the chief settlements of the Fazzan municipality. Marzuq developed around a fort built c.1310 (now in ruins). The town declined with the advent of modern transportation.
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, Libya.
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It also processed light/sweet crude oil from al-Sharara field in the Murzuk Basin produced by Repsol (see Gas Market Trends in gmt2LibFields10July15).
Al-Sharara lies in the Murzuk Basin in the south-west of Libya in the 4,275 sq km Block NC-115, 800 km south of Tripoli.
Along with Murzuk field which contains light/sweet crude oil, Kebir has been slated for development since 1991.
A first batch of six medical supply containers have already reached the Port of Tripoli and will be distributed soon to the undersupplied hospitals, helping them serve as many as 20,000 families (120,000 people) in Ubari, Sabha, Murzuk, Jufra, Misurata, Tripoli, Zawiya, Sabratha, Zuwarah, Yafran, and Al-Makhzan.
The Tabu Brigade, present in the remote cities of Murzuk and Kufra.
They have links with the neighboring states of Niger, Chad, and Mali with substantial number of them in 'the southern oases of Sebha, Murzuk and Kafra (Lemarchand, 2013: 8).
We arrived to the village of Gatrone in the evening, southeast of Murzuk on the way to the Niger border.
It will take longer in the mature and complex Sirte basin, in eastern Libya, which is the foundation of Libyan production, than in the more modern and less complex fields of the Murzuk and Pelagian Shelf basins, of western Libya.
Murzuk, while the vulnerability of Sub-Saharan Africans in the eastern part of
They also showed that the key Zawiyah port in western Libya, fed by the Murzuk oilfields, was shut because of stormy weather.
Deceived by a caravan leader in Kano and an alkali (Muslim judge) in Murzuk, she is forced to Tripoli where she becomes the slave of a prosperous trader called Ahmad.
Representative of the European Commission for Humanitarian Assistance, Omar Murzuk, said today that this type of project is crucial for alleviating some of the burden on the Palestinian people.