(Mushat), a dynasty of hospodars that ruled the Moldavian Principality from 1374 to 1546.

The first hospodar of the dynasty was Petru Muşat, who ruled from 1374 to 1391. The most prominent members of the dynasty were Alexander the Good (ruled 1400–32), Stephen III the Great (ruled 1457–1504), and Petru Rareş (ruled 1527–38, 1541–46). Some of the later hospodars established their rights to the Moldavian throne by claiming to be descendants of the Muşat house.


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Working with collaborator Niculina Musat in Leipzig, Germany, he is also using a new technique called NanoSIMS (for Nanoscale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry), which can analyze cells of individual bacteria to tell him which species created the most biomass (the organic material that makes up a microbe's "body ") during his experiments.
Hence, the outlines of the core of the city emerged during the reign of voivode Petru Musat, around the royal court and extended to the area delimited by the Royal Seat fortress and Miraufi church.
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Archaeological diggings have shown that Baia had two Catholic churches, one dedicated to St Peter and St Paul, the other to the Virgin Mary, while at Siret, according to a document dated 1384, the ruling prince Peter I Musat, at the intercession of his Catholic mother, princess Margaret, laid the foundations of a second Catholic church for the Franciscan friars.
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