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Recording Studio


(full name, the All-Union Recording Studio; VSG), the leading artistic-industrial enterprise of Melodiia, the all-Union record company. Founded in 1957, the Recording Studio traces its history back to 1919, when a resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars created a department of the Central Press called Soviet Record, marking the beginning of the Soviet phonograph record industry.

The VSG makes recordings of all kinds and of all musical genres in its specialized studios and in large concert halls and theaters; using its own recordings and also those of other studios and of the State House of Radio Broadcasting and Sound Recording, it prepares master copies for mass factory production and release of records in the USSR and abroad; it produces nonbreakable records. The VSG restores old recordings of great historical and artistic value, works on problems of perfecting technology and equipment used in the production of recordings, and publishes catalogs of phonograph records, bulletins, and other reference materials on phonograph recording. The VSG has a catalog of about 50,000 recordings. It produces about 3,000 new recordings (long-playing monophonic and stereophonic records) and 2 million vinyl and about 60 million nonbreakable long-playing records yearly.

Many VSG recordings have achieved worldwide recognition; several of them have been awarded prizes at international recording competitions.

In 1971, there were many other recording studios in addition to the VSG in operation throughout the USSR: in Alma-Ata, Vilnius, Leningrad, Riga, Tashkent, and Tbilisi.


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