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Gracenote MusicID

A family of music database services from Gracenote, Emeryville, CA (, the leading media identification company. In the mid-1990s, Gracenote, formerly CDDB, Inc., created the first online music database of missing album and artist information for music CDs (see CDDB). As of 2009, Gracenote databases held information on nearly 100 million audio tracks and more than a million videos. Following are Gracenote's identification services for music and video.

MusicID CD (Search by Table of Contents)
The original service, formerly known as CD Database (CDDB), that started the company, MusicID CD is used to identify music discs by their table of contents (track numbers and lengths). See music CD identification.

MusicID File (Search by File Fingerprint)
A digital audio file tagging service that computes an acoustic fingerprint for MP3 and other audio files and matches it against a fingerprint database. See music file identification.

MusicID Stream (Search by Audio Fingerprint)
Similar in concept to MusicID File, this service computes a more robust acoustic fingerprint in order to identify a song by listening to a sample anywhere in the middle. When used in cellphones, this falls under Gracenote's Mobile MusicID brand.

VideoID DVD, VideoID Blu-Ray, VideoID File
The video counterparts to the audio services for obtaining meta-data about a disc or TV episode. Like music CDs, table of contents data are used to identify DVD and Blu-ray discs, and a video fingerprint is used to identify video files. See video fingerprint and music search.
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Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity: Sony's new Cloud-based music service, which gives music fans access to millions of songs from major and independent labels, leverages Gracenote's music metadata and MusicID and Discover (TM) technologies to allow subscribers to sync their existing songs and playlists on their PC into the service, as well as drive intelligent recommendations.
Also included on many products in the lineup is the MusicID feature powered by Gracenote, which allows consumers to play a song from a movie or TV show by simply pressing a button on their remote control.
Other AT&T Mobile Music offerings include satellite radio with XM Radio, a song-recognition service called MusicID and a vast ringtone library.
Gracenote's Video Explore, VideoID and MusicID Transform TVs and Media Devices into Gateways to Explore, Discover and Interact with Media
22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for the holidays, Gravity Mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gracenote, today announced its popular MusicID with Lyrics music recognition and discovery app is now available for the Android platform in the U.
As features within AT&T Music, XM Satellite Radio and MusicID require monthly subscription fees of $8.
Audio CDs are identified with both Gracenote CDDB and MusicID (audio fingerprinting), so even tracks on custom discs can be recognized and tagged appropriately.
The Chrysler Sebring represents the first North American auto maker to ship Gracenote's MusicID database as a part of its optional MyGIG[TM] multimedia infotainment system.
Tapping Gracenote[R]'s Global Media Database, the largest and most comprehensive media database in the world, MusicID with Lyrics allows consumers to obtain music information by searching artist or track name, entering a line from the lyrics, or by simply holding their iPhone up to music playing nearby.
Gracenote's portfolio of Smart TV technologies, including Gracenote eyeQ, Gracenote Entourage (TM) and Gracenote MusicID, will be demonstrated at IBC 2012 in Hall 14, Stand 14.
They also feature the ability to download information from Gracenote's MusicID and VideoID(TM) products to organize movies and music.
Customers can also identify an artist's name and song being played on the radio, TV, or at a club with MusicID, Cingular's enhanced music recognition service.